Types of Services

TERASAKI ELECTRIC CO. (FAR EAST) PTE LTD is a regional service centre in the Far East amongst the TERASAKI’s Global Service Network.
Our team of qualified and experienced Service Engineers provide the following services :-
  Terasaki Service Division
  • Routine Preventive Maintenance & Servicing

    Routine Preventive Maintenance & Servicing of all electrical switchboards/switchgears, alarm & monitoring systems, fire detection and alarm systems; generator automatic control systems; ships' automation and instrumentation etc. Injection tests and calibration of protective devices and instruments.
  • Switchgears / SwitchBoards / Control Systems – Supply & Commission / Installation / Start-Up Services

  • Fault-Finding, Rectifying and Repair Works

  • Upgrading, Modification, Extension and Retrofitting Works

    1. Replacement of control relays, breakers and other electrical parts, rewiring and upgrading equipment or electrical switchboards for improved equipment reliability, accuracy and enhanced performance.
    2. Upgrading of existing switchgear installations to the latest models and systems.
    3. Upgrading of existing automation systems such as computerized alarm monitoring systems to the latest models and system
  • Infrared / Thermographic Services

    Sudden or unpredictable electrical problems/failures can lead to expensive shutdown and downtime costs as well as inconvenience. Infrared assessment of electrical components is a very cost effective way of checking and identifying their potential problems. An infrared assessment will identify hot spots resulting from current/resistance relationships, usually as a result of loose connection or malfunction of the component itself.

    We provide infrared assessment services for Electrical switchboards, switchgears, motor control centres, circuit breakers, fuse, plug panels, etc. In the event of abnormal hot spot detection during the assessment, we will rescan the part after it has been repaired to make sure that the hot spot is rectified.
  • Inspections, testing site survey and discrimination analysis services

  • Spare Parts Supply & Installation

    We Will undertake all the arrangements for servicing and repair works if your vessel is in any part of the world. We can arrange and co-ordinate with any of our Terasaki Global Service Network (GSN) Partners for necessary service and attendance.
  Terasaki Automation Division
  • Air Regulation Control System
  • Aux, Engine Safety Alarm & Monitoring System
  • Aux, Engine Temperature Monitoring System
  • Autopilot, Emlog & Echo Sounder
  • Boiler Automatic Combustion Control(Acc) & Burner Management
  • Boiler Feedwater Level Control System Safety Alarms & Trips
  • Battery Charging Systems
  • Bridge Maneuvering Systems
  • Cargo/Ballast Pump Remote Control Systems
  • Fixed & Portable Gas Detectors
  • Intercom/Talkback Systems & Public Address Systems
  • Generator Control & Power Management Systems
  • Hatch Cover Control Systems
  • Inert Gas Control Systems (IGS) & Oxygen Analyzers
  • M.E Fuel Oil Viscosity Control Systems
  • M.E Safety Alarms & Trips
  • M.E Temperature Monitoring Systems
  • M.E Remote Speed Indication Systems
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  Project's / Engineering Division
  • Turnkey Projects
  • System Integration
  • Project Management
  • System Loop Checks, Testing And Commissioning
  • Customisation of Automation & Control Systems
  • Fabrication Of Consoles & Panels
  • Installation, Electrical & Tubing Works
  • Valves Servicing & Overhaul
  • Thermal Imaging Surveys & Engineers Reports
  • Damage Inspection & Assessment Services
  • Spares And Parts Supply
  • Supply Of Pressure Gauges & Thermocouples
  • Supply Of Circuit Breakers & Cable Mcts
  • Supply Of Systems Meeting IMO / SOLAS Requirements

Retrofit of Air Circuit Breakers:

  • Problems with your Electrical Switchboards?
  • Problems with obsolete ACBs / Breakers in your Switchboards?
  • Terasaki can offer you a Solution today – Retrofit!
Terasaki have developed retrofit kits using TEMPOWER2 which can replace ACB's of:
  • ABB
  • Terasaki
  • GEC
  • Merlin Gerin
  • Others
  • Westinghouse
  • Mitsubishi
  • Siemens
  • Ottermill

Global Service Network

No matter what your ship's location is, we have a service team within reach

A) Covering Europe, Africa

Terasaki Electric (Europe) Ltd.
80 Beardmore Way. Clydebank
Scotland. G81 4HT. UK
Tel: +44 141 941 1940
Fax: + 44141 952 9246
E-Mail: Directresponse@terasaki.co.uk
Website: www.terasaki.com

B) Covering The Netherlands

Willingestraat 4 3087 AN Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 88 484 38 43
Fax: +31 88 484 38 44
E-Mail: shiprepair@cofely-gdfsuez.nl
Website: www.cofely-gdfsuez.nl

C) Covering North & Central America

Teratec (USA) Inc.
21151 S. Western Avenue,
Suite 214, Torrance,
CA90501, USA
Tel: +1-310-755-2517
Fax: +1-310-755-2574
E-Mail: teratec.usa@gmail.com

D) Covering Middle East

Q3, Warehouse 168
Sharjah Airport International Free Zone,
PO Box: 120860, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates
Tel: + 971 6 5578140
Fax: +971 6 5578141
E-Mail: terasaki@emirates.net.ae

E) Covering South America

Rua Colddovil 259 – Prada De Lucas
Rio De Janeiro RJ Brasil
Tel: +55 21 3301 9898
Fax: +55 21 3301 9861
E-Mail: terasaki@terasaki.com.br
Website: www.terasaki.com.br

F) Main Service & Spares Center

7-9-10 Hannancho
Abeno-ku, Osaka, 545-0021, JAPAN
Tel: +81 6 6693 6974
Fax: +81 6 6693 7116
E-Mail parts: elparts@teratec.co.jp
E-Mail maintenance: shipeng@teratec.co.jp
Website: www.teratec.co.jp

G) Covering Korea

92-3 Songhyeon-gil, Beom Seo-Eup,
Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Korea
Tel: +82 52 222 7773
Fax: +82 52 222 7774
E-Mail: master@koes21.com

H) Covering China

72 Pacific Industrial Park
Xintang Zengcheng, Guangzhou
511340, China
Tel: +86 20 8270 8556
Fax: +86 20 8570 8586
E-Mail: terasaki@public.guangzhou.gd.cn

I) Covering South East Asia

17 Tuas Street
Singapore 638454
Tel: +65 6561 1165
Fax: +65 6561 2166
E-Mail: tefe@terasaki.com.sg
Website: www.terasaki.com.sg

J) Covering Oceania

30 Downie Street, Newcastle
2293 Australia
Tel: +61 2 4969 4477
Fax: +61 2 4968 1210
E-Mail: service@novamarine.com.au
Website: www.novamarine.com.au

All Terasaki's products are backed-up by its after-sales Global Service Network. After-sales spare parts and services are available through this Global Service Netowrk. Besides, TERASAKI is also a registered member of ISES and ISES services can also be extended to TERASAKI's customers.

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